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FES Handbook

Franklinton Elementary School

“Teaching our STUDENTS to be the LEADERS of tomorrow.”


Students TODAY.. Leaders TOMORROW


Franklinton Elementary School will strive to  promote college-bound, career ready, 21st Century students. We believe ALL students can and will LEARN!


Franklinton Elementary Faculty Members believe:


School Mascot – Falcon

School Colors – Blue & Gold

School Phone Number: (919) 494-2479

School Fax Number:  (919) 494-7115

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

 Effective teaching and learning cannot take place in a disruptive classroom. At Franklinton Elementary School, it is our goal to build relationships and create a discipline plan so that all stakeholders are aware and in agreement with our school wide expectations. We intend to increase the instructional capacity of students by teaching and reinforcing positive behavior to promote learning rich environments.  Our plan focuses on a proactive approach to solving challenging behaviors. Our students will be taught how these rules look and sound in all school settings, i.e., in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, playground, bathroom, and bus. Teachers will spend time teaching and modeling appropriate behaviors the first few weeks of school. Teachers will also introduce procedures which our students will be expected to follow. We are highly committed to teach our students to take responsibility for their own behavior. 

Students who face challenges involving following classroom or school rules will be offered “Reflection Time” if causing minor disruptions in the classroom environment. This will help us reinforce the seriousness of education, respectfulness of the classroom environment, and the importance of students taking responsibility for their own behavior. “Reflection Time”  allows students to refocus and gain control by asking them to either sit in a designated area or go to another classroom. Students will receive feedback about his/her inappropriate behavior and an opportunity to plan for future success once they return to class. Parents will be notified when their child has been directed to “Reflection Time”. Additionally, parents will be asked for assistance if problems persist or if a problem is unusually challenging. 

While this document is not all encompassing, it  will outline a few of the procedures that we plan to enforce at Franklinton Elementary. The consequences listed in the matrix may change if deemed appropriate by the administration. However, we will always operate within the guidelines of Franklin County Schools. We encourage you to join us in a cooperative and supportive effort to provide a safe school and a classroom conducive to learning. Feel free to call Mrs. Wilkerson or Mr. Boyles at 919-494-2479  should you have any questions about our school-wide discipline plan. Please sign the section at the very end of this document, along with your child, to indicate that you have read our policy, and return it to school with your child tomorrow. We look forward to working with you to make this a productive 2019-2020 school year for your child.

Office Referrals

Franklinton Elementary will operate within the guidelines of Franklin County Schools. Consequences may have to be altered based on the severity of a situation. In situations where students or staff are injured, students may receive the maximum consequence allowed by the district even if considered a first offense. 


Franklinton Elementary Student Code of Conduct


Type of Incident

Discipline Response



Attendance Incidents 

Rule 1

Attendance:Truancy, Skipping School, Cutting Class, Leaving school/class without permission 


Referral to Social Worker

Rule Violation Incidents

Rule 2

Student Dress: Student Dress Code Violation

Conference/Contact Home

Rule 3

Misrepresentation: False Information; Honor Code Violation



Property Incidents

Rule 4

Theft: Theft


OSS (9 Days)/Consult with Law Enforcement

Rule 5

Vandalism: Property Damage


OSS (9 Days)/Consult with Law Enforcement

Rule 6

Computer Trespass: Misuse of School Technology; Cell Phone Use


ISS (less than a day)

Rule 7

Arson: Burning of School Building (Reportable Offense); Unlawfully Setting of a Fire

OSS (1 Day)/Consult Law Enforcement

OSS (9 Days)/Consult with Law Enforcement

Disruptive Behavior

Rule 8

Disruption: Disruptive Behavior; Disorderly Conduct; Inappropriate Behavior


ISS (2 Days)

Rule 9

Insubordination: Insubordination


ISS (5 Days)

Rule 10

Profanity: Inappropriate Language/Disrespect


ISS (5 Days)

Rule 11

Gambling: Gambling


ISS (5 Days)

Rule 12

Disrespect: Disrespect of Faculty/Staff


ISS (5 Days)

Rule 13

Personal Property: Inappropriate Item on School Property


ISS (5 Days)

Rule 14

Gang Activity: Clothing, Communication, Vandalism/Destruction of Property, Intimidation/Threats, Coercion, Solicitation, Conspiracy


OSS (10 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 15

Trespassing: Being in an Unauthorized Area


OSS (10 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 16

False Alarm: False Fire Alarm


OSS (9 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 17 

Reckless Vehicle: Other School Defined Offense


Recommendation for Long Term Suspension

Rule 18

Repeated Violation: Repeat Offender (A serious or repeated violation of one or more rules)


Recommendation for Long Term Suspension

Other Criminal Incidents

Rule 19

Other Conduct: Any other conduct considered by the principal to be disruptive, disrespectful, threatening, and/or presenting an immediate danger to any other person


OSS (10 Days)

Rule 20

Firearms: Possession of a firearm or powerful explosive (reportable offense); Physical attack with a firearm or explosive (reportable offense)

OSS (365 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement 

Rule 21

Weapons & Dangerous Objects: Possession of a weapon Excluding firearms and powerful explosives (Reportable Offense)

OSS (1 Day)/Consult Law Enforcement

Recommendation for Long Term Suspension/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 22

Robbery: Robbery with/without a dangerous weapon, firearm, or explosive device (Reportable Offense)

OSS (6 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Recommendation for Long Term Suspension/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 23

Extortion: Extortion

ISS (1 Day)/Consult Law Enforcement

OSS (5 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 24

Bomb Threat: Bomb Threat (Reportable Offense)

OSS (365 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Substance Abuse/Drug Incidents

Rule 25

Tobacco: Use of Tobacco; Possession of Tobacco


OSS (10 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 26

Alcohol & Other Drugs: Alcohol (RO), Marijuana (RO), Paraphernalia, Drugs/Illegal Substance-Controlled Substance including medication (RO) *PK-5 must have written instructions signed by the parent/guardian and licensed health care provider before any medications are administered. All meds are given by school personnel except for inhales, insulin or epinephrine. *  , Distribution of Drugs/Illegal Substances (RO)

OSS (1 Day)/Consult Law Enforcement

OSS (10 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Acts Against a Person

Rule 27

Bullying/Harassment: Bullying; Cyber Bullying; Discrimination; Harassment (Disability, Racial, Religious Affiliation, Sexual, Sexual Orientation, Verbal); Hazing


OSS (9 Days)

Rule 28

Fighting: Fighting Affray, Assault on Student, On School Personal-not serious (RO), Assault involving the use of a weapon (RO), Assault resulting in serious injury (RO)

OSS (1 Day)/Consult Law Enforcement

Recommendation for Long Term/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 29

Aggressive Behavior: Shoving, Kicking, Throwing objects at others, hitting, biting, spitting, pinching, etc...


OSS (10 Days)

Rule 30

Sexual Misconduct: Mutual Suxual Contact between Students; Excessive display of affection


OSS (9 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 31

Sexual Offense: Rape (RO); Sexual Assault not involving rape (RO); Indecent Exposure; Taking indecent liberties with a minor (RO)

Recommendation for long Term Suspension/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 32

Threat: Threat of Physical Attack without a weapon


Recommendation for Long Term/Consult Law Enforcement

Rule 33

Terroristic Threats: Communicating Threats; Threat of Physical Attacks with Firearm; Threat of Physical Attack with a weapon

OSS (5 Days)/Consult Law Enforcement

Recommendation for Long Term/Consult Law Enforcement

Bus Behavior Incident

Rule 34

Bus Violation


Bus Suspension for Remainder of Year

Investigations take place with each disciplinary referral or incident of misbehavior. When administration has sufficient evidence that violations have taken place, disciplinary actions will be provided. Parents will be notified of any disciplinary action given to their child(ren).

Incidents with Classroom Level Consequences on 1st offense:

-Not following directions (student is able to be redirected on first attempt)

-Running in hallways

-Excessive talking (at least 2 interventions before office referral, one of which should be parent contact)

-Inappropriate laughing/sneering

-Inappropriate language (if the language is not directed to another student or adult)

-Interrupting (at least 2 interventions before office referral, one of which should be parent contact)

-Consistent tardiness (at least 2 interventions before office referral, one of which should be parent contact)

-Name calling 

-Misuse of materials



*Teachers may use consequences such as silent lunch, time out, Reflection Time, phone calls home, or conferences.  As mentioned previously, students may be escorted to the office for a referral depending on severity even on a first offense. Students who have become repeat offenders will receive office referrals.


Students should not dress in any manner which would be disruptive to a climate conducive to serious study or the orderly operation of school.  Students should be appropriately dressed at all times. Students should keep the following in mind with regard to inappropriate dress:

Example of Reflection Time Behavior Form 

Date: ______________ Time: ______________ Name: _______________________________ Grade: _______

Homeroom teacher: _______________________ Sending teacher: ___________________________________ 

____ being respectful   ____ following directions    ____ keeping my hands to myself    

____ using school appropriate language       ____ other ___________________________

Describe your behavior 









I am ready to return to my class, make good choices, and be a respectful, responsible scholar. 

_____Yes                     ______No

Teacher Signature:_________________________      Student Signature:______________________________


Our goal through PBIS is to create a school environment that is positive, proactive, and focused on solving problems.  FES has a consistent list of expectations that will be taught, modeled, and positively reinforced. There are four expectations that are school-wide. These expectations will be taught to the students in each area where they are expected to follow them.  

For more information about PBIS, visit or see a member of the PBIS Focus Team here at Franklinton Elementary. 

   Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

   School-Wide Initiative for Franklinton Elementary School


What is Positive Behavior Intervention and Support?

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is an initiative that our school faculty and PTSA have chosen to adopt.  PBIS is a proactive systems approach to school-wide discipline designed to be responsive to current social and educational challenges.  

PBIS has an instructional focus where emphasis is placed on

Below you will find the Franklinton Elementary School’s Expectation Matrix. We will use this to teach student behavior expectations in different parts of the school building as well as extensions of the school grounds. 

Franklinton Elementary School-Wide Expectations

Positive Behavior


and Support












*Use appropriate language


*Use appropriate voice levels


*Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself

*Respect the speaker


*Raise your hands


*Think before you speak or act

*Single file line


*Maintain physical space

*Keep food in tray


*Keep food and drink in your mouth

*Show good sportsmanship


*Follow rules of the game


*Use water, soap, and paper towels properly





*Follow directions


*Make good choices


*Accept consequences


*Come prepared

*Put materials away


*Complete assignments and turn them in

*Keep hallway clean


*Respect other’s property


*Keep right

*Keep area clean


*Know your lunch number


*Stay in designated area

*Use equipment properly


*Put away equipment with done


*Be alert

*Flush and wash hands


*Keep facilities clean


*Use materials appropriately


*Report issues to teachers or adults in charge

*Face forward


*Sit correctly in seat

*Walk with purpose at all times


*Face forward in line

*Wait your turn


*Only use utensils for food


*Eat your food

*Always wear shoes


*Stay in assigned area & line up when called

*Use restroom properly



*Listen to adults


*Use Kind Words


*Interact in positive ways 

*Stay focused


* Be supportive of others

*Walk at appropriate pace


*Look at hallway displays with eyes only

*Use good manners such as please and thank you


*Use napkins

*Share equipment properly 


*Wait for your turn

*Respect others’ privacy


*Dispose of trash appropriately

Franklinton Elementary School-Wide Expectations

Positive Behavior


and Support



Field Trips


Car Riders

Emergency Situations


Bus Riders



*Remain seated in your own space


*Be a good listener

*Participate with group/buddy

*Remain quiet


*Wait until you are called

*Stay calm

*Stay seated with feet out of the aisle





*Clean up after yourself

*Keep up with belongings


*Bring permission slip and lunch (if needed)

*Keep up with belongings

*Stay together

*Keep bus clean


*Be on time


*Enter & exit quietly in a line


*Stay with your class

*Stay with assigned adults


*Move carefully

*Walk to your vehicle


*Check for traffic

*Walk unless directed to do otherwise


*Keep my eyes on responsible adult

*Keep objects inside the bus


*Enter and exit in an orderly fashion


*Sit up straight in your seat 


*Follow bus safety rules



*Give appropriate applause


*Only touch what you have been given permission to touch

*Listen to directions before going to car


*Enter your car quickly when called

*Be supportive if classmates become upset


*Listen to special directions from adults

*Share your seat


 Car riders in kindergarten through second grade should be dropped off and picked up on Person Street (the one-way street).  It is very important that parents make a left-hand turn onto Person from Hillsborough. Do not travel on Hillsborough Street and expect to make a right-hand turn onto Person Street.   South Hillsborough Street will be closed to traffic at 8:00 AM.

Car riders in grades three through five are to be dropped off and picked up in front of the gym. If there are two or more siblings and at least one is a third, fourth or fifth grader, then the gym area may be used for all the siblings as long as they are riding in one vehicle.  This must be prearranged with either Mrs. Wilkerson or Mr. Boyles.  

The Roundabout is located near the gym and playground area.   Only buses and service delivery trucks will be entering the Roundabout via the Howard Harris Road.  They will have the right-of-way.  Please use caution at all times.  No cars are allowed on Howard Harris Road during school hours.

The crosswalk near the administrative gate is for students going to and from the playground.  Students walking to school may use this crosswalk to provide an orderly flow of student movement.

The administrative gate parking is for staff parking and handicap parking prior to 8:15 AM.  Parents and visitors wishing to enter the building prior to 8:15 should park in the parking lot on the ball fields.  There is a gate and crosswalk to make this a safe way to travel into the main office areas.

Before/After School Care students may be dropped off beside the Before/After Daycare door between the hours of 6:00 and 7:30 AM.  After-school ends at 6:30PM.

Please remember that it gets congested within the front gates in the morning. We ask that you are courteous to one another as well as our staff who are on duty to assist with safety as you drop our students off. If you need to make special arrangements for drop off, please arrange this with Mrs. Wilkerson. Thank you!


Requests for a change in transportation, including bus notes, must be given to front desk by 9:00 a.m. 




In-depth knowledge and demonstration of grade level standard(s)



Appropriate knowledge and demonstration of grade level standards



Basic knowledge and demonstration of grade level standard(s)




Basic knowledge of standards(s) not demonstrated at this time


Curriculum Modified

Working below grade level on standard(s) as indicated in IEP identification area


Not Assessed

Not assessed this 9 weeks

Full credit may not be given for late work.  Zeroes are not acceptable. Students are expected to do their best work at all times.  


 All computer use should follow all guidelines set forth in the district-wide Acceptable Use Policy. 


At Franklinton Elementary, we believe that discipline is not punishment, but an opportunity to teach.  All students can learn to be respectful, responsible, and safe if provided with high expectations. We thank you for your support! Please make sure that you and your child sign the contract below and return.


Franklinton Elementary Discipline Contract

Teacher Responsibilities: I agree that discipline is not punishment, but an opportunity to teach. I agree to support the school-wide discipline plan by rewarding students who are respectful, responsible, and safe. I will also provide interventions, contact parents, and provide appropriate consequences. 


Teacher’s signature___________________________ Date__________

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities: I have read the effective school-wide discipline plan and will join you in this effort to make Franklinton Elementary a safe learning environment for my child and others. I agree to support my child’s teacher and assist him/her should problems arise. I will stay informed about my child’s education as much as possible. 


Parent’s signature ____________________________ Date__________

Student Responsibilities: I agree to follow the school-wide discipline plan and be a respectful, responsible and safe. I will follow school rules in all settings. When needed, I will use “Think Time” to calm myself so I can rejoin my class and keep on learning. I will give my parents notices and information received by me at school. 


Student’s signature____________________________ Date__________


  • All students can learn.
  • A safe and orderly environment is imperative for academic success.
  • Regular parent involvement is important to student success.
  • Engaging students in meaningful work increases student achievement.
  • A team oriented atmosphere provides a foundation for educating the whole child.
  • Ensure that every student performs at or above grade level.
  • Ensure that every person is valued and respected.
  • Ensure a safe and orderly environment.
  • A student will maintain personal attire and grooming standards that promote safety, health, and acceptable standards of social conduct. 
  • Student dress that disrupts the school environment or clothing that indicates gang identification or reflects gang symbols will not be tolerated. 
  • Clothing must be age appropriate, not disruptive to the teaching-learning process, and cannot be provocative, revealing, indecent, vulgar, or obscene. 
  • Students should be covered from mid-chest to mid-thigh.
  • No shorts higher than mid-thigh; no skirts and dresses more than three inches above the top of the knee; no shirts and blouses that expose waist, midriff, or cleavage. .
  • No clothing which promotes alcohol, tobacco, or the use of controlled substances, or which depicts violence, sexual, or disruptive nature; 
  • No clothing, jewelry or symbols which convey membership or affiliation with a gang. 
  • No excessively baggy clothing or visible underwear. 
  • No hats, sunglasses, sweatbands or bandanas. .
  • No tank tops, spaghetti straps, or sleepwear.
  • Proper footwear is required; specifically bedroom shoes and slippers are prohibited.
  • No chains on clothing. 
  • Basketball jerseys and/or tank tops are not allowed unless worn over another shirt.
  • Clothing cannot be sheer, mesh, or have excessive holes. 
  • Undergarments must not be visible.
  • Book bags are to remain in lockers during the school day.
  • This list may not cover every dress code violation.  It is the role of the Principal/Assistant Principal to determine appropriate clothing in a questionable situation.
  1. I was sent to Think Time because I am having difficulty      ____ being responsible ____ being safe 
  2. How did your behavior affect others? (Classmates, teachers, custodians, nature) 
  3. When I return to my class, I need to __________________________________________________________ 
  • Teaching behavioral expectations directly.
  • Teaching social behaviors like academic skills.
  • Maximizing academic engagement and success.

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